Tier Building

Long Wooden Pillars

Tier building, also called beam-and-column construction, is signified by the wooden pillars being one piece of wood reaching from the base point on the sole above the room height. In some cases, the roof structure system was set up on the ends of the wooden pillars. It was possible to extend the ground floor to a 1½ storey, also called jamp sill storey, with the help of longer wooden pillars. With even longer pillars the construction of another complete storey was possible. Ground floor and upper storey being timbered integrative together, is typical for every Upper Lusatian half-timbered house.

An advantage of the framework construction is the use of long timber beams which made the trimming and straightening up difficult for the carpenters. The cross stay also hampered the integration of larger windows which was contrary to the need of more light in the rooms. The ceiling of the log cabin is also the floor of the upper storey. Due to expansion and shrinking of the wood the tension of the material can cause deformations compared with neighbouring solid elements. (CS)

(Extract from the leaflet “Leben im Umgebindehaus” – ‘Life in the Upper Lusatian half-timbered house’)

Beam-and-Column Construction in Dittelsdorf
Jamp Sill Storey in Oybin (JG)
Drempelgeschoss in Oybin (JG)